Will the AT and T htc tilt 2 go down in price?

Answer It depends. If you UNLOCK it and put a new SIM in: No. If you just JAILBREAK it: Yes, yes you do.

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Will the price of Plasma and or LCD flat screen tvs come down If so when would they come down?

The price will come down on these product's. But only when the majority of the gullible public have bought one

Will the price go down?

Typically when a new model is released the price will drop on the older generations or what you'll find is that the used market gets flooded with people who are upgrading their cameras because they... Read More »

Will newyorks iPhone 4S come down in price?

Yes, Yes it will, and why would you ask here in the first place if you can just try it?

Will the price of televisions go down this year?

Yes it will. The price of the older models of Televisions always goes down It is only the newest most advanced models that might hold a price at the level of current models. Mot only do the models ... Read More »