Will the 3D on the Mitsubishi WD-60638 TV work with the Playstation 3?

Answer You can try to hook up the PS3 directly with the Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 emitter adapter then make the necessary connections to the TV. Other things to know is that this TV has good picture quality ove... Read More »

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Will Guitar Hero work with the first PlayStation?

No, you cannot play any "Guitar Hero" game on the original PlayStation. The first "Guitar Hero" game debuted on the PlayStation 2, and the series has since moved on to more recent consoles such as ... Read More »

Will a Sony PlayStation remote work with a Sony Blu-ray player?

Although Sony makes both the PlayStation and a separate Blu-ray player, the PlayStation remote is not compatible with the stand alone Blu-ray player. The PS3 uses bluetooth technology, while the Bl... Read More »

Will a USB headset work on my PlayStation 3?

A USB headset works on a PlayStation 3. The company, Logitech, offers the Logitech PlayStation 3 Vantage USB headset made especially for the PlayStation 3. The headset is available online.Reference... Read More »

Will a us blu ray disc work on a UK playstation?

No, it cannot it is not video game compatible.