Will termites in mulch around a swimming pool eat the liner?

Answer Termites consume anything that contains cellulose and can be found in the mulch around your pool. According to United Exterminating Company, termites will eat through the vinyl liner of a swimming ... Read More »

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What is under the vinyl liner of an inground swimming pool?

There are two parts to a vinyl liner pool: the bottom and the walls. The walls are the first 3 1/2' down from the top, all the way around the pool. There are many different types of walls including... Read More »

How to Repair a Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner?

Swimming pools hold large amounts of water. For the water to stay in the pool and not soak into and damage the pool base, a vinyl liner is needed. Vinyl liners act as a wall between the pool and su... Read More »

What color will a swimming pool look with a gray liner?

Because water is colorless, swimming pools will take on the color of their linings. If a gray liner is installed, the pool will appear gray, with possible variations of light and dark shades. Tre... Read More »

How do I find a leak in a swimming-pool liner?

Use Food ColoringTurn the pool pump off. Get into the pool, or sit by the edge of the pool. Squeeze two or three drops of dark food coloring into the water, 1 foot from the pool wall. Watch the dye... Read More »