Will termites in mulch around a swimming pool eat the liner?

Answer Termites consume anything that contains cellulose and can be found in the mulch around your pool. According to United Exterminating Company, termites will eat through the vinyl liner of a swimming ... Read More »

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Will putting mulch around the foundation of my house attract termites?

Although termites sometimes feed on wood mulch, it is not a preferred food source because it has low nutritional value for them. Mulch of all kinds can create a perfect environment for termite acti... Read More »

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to an inground swimming pool caused when a windstorm lifted the pool cover and debris ripped the liner?

Answer If the policy specifically covers the pool, yes. If there is no specific mention of the pool in any of the insurance coverage papers, no. Answer I don't think that there needs to be specific... Read More »

What color will a swimming pool look with a gray liner?

Because water is colorless, swimming pools will take on the color of their linings. If a gray liner is installed, the pool will appear gray, with possible variations of light and dark shades. Tre... Read More »

Look for some good plants for around a swimming pool. No litter. Will take pool water splashing?

No litter is always a must by the pool. Also nothing sharp. (no firethorn! tee hee)a few trees, shrubs and perennials....schefflera.musa.ferns (tree type)fatsia.camella.pittosporum dwarf.hibiscu... Read More »