Will tea actually help my sore throat?

Answer drink only herbal tea (lemon and honey)...not the caffeine kind...take zince, vitamin C and echinacea get plenty of rest and liquids (water and REAL orange juice and grapefruit time ta... Read More »

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Will drinking tea help my sore throat?

Sure. Green Tea is a good tea for helping your sore throat. However, you should look at the causes of your sore throat. For general overall minor aggregation within the throat you should take Horeh... Read More »

My girl friend recently got a sore throat, could i catch that sore throat if we just kiss?

"... could i catch that sore throat if we just kiss?" -- Unlike "Josh", I don''t find the answer so "obvious". I have no idea what's caused your friend's sore throat and that is big factor in f... Read More »

How to help a sore throat?

Adults should see a doctor if any of the following problems associated with a sore throat occur, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology: * A sore throat that is severe or lasts long... Read More »

How to Help a Sore Throat Heal Faster?

It's most definately not fun to have a sore throat, right? Here are some ways to help your sore throat heal faster. *Please note that this won't treat your sore throat altogether and/or in an hour!... Read More »