Will tattoo removal remove the thimerosal?

Answer Having a tattoo removed will not remove the thimerosal, also known as thiomersal, from your body entirely. Thimerosal is made from mercury which can release toxins into the body's blood stream; onc... Read More »

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Tattoo Removal?

There are all kinds of motivations behind tattoo removal. Often, people get tattoos in their youth and find them less attractive and less appropriate as they age. estimates that 10 percen... Read More »

Tattoo Removal, help!?

Don't beat yourself up over a past decision like a tattoo. 2 options for removal are surgical excision or laser treatments. Each have their pros & cons. Black ink on fair to medium untanned skin t... Read More »

As of 2007 is thimerosal in any vaccines in the US?

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):Since 2001, with the exception of some influenza (flu) vaccines, thimerosal is not used as a preservative in routinely recommended childhoo... Read More »

Easy Tattoo Removal?

There are several ways to remove your tattoo. The most efficient methods are laser or surgical procedures, which are both quite expensive. If you are strapped for cash, then there are DIY methods t... Read More »