Will tampons really work in water?

Answer They work. But if you don't feel confident, just don't go swimming. Problem solved!

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Are Tampons really necessary for women?

No they are not uncomfortable if you get the correct size and use them properly. They are alot cleaner than pads and it does not feel like you are wearing a diaper. Pads are just discusting. Tam... Read More »

Do water purifiers really work?

Different water purifiers do different things. Some take out pathogens and bacteria, while others remove excess mineral deposits. None are perfect. If you fail to change the filter on your water pu... Read More »

If I press REALLY, REALLY hard when I click a link, will the link work better?

Yep. And sometimes you have to roar at it - it works much better when I use sailor-type language.

Does kangen water really work ?

No.1) You cannot "alkalize" water using an "ioniser". Pure water consists of stable molecules. They are not alkaline or acidic and so can't be "separated out" For water to be acidic or alkaline you... Read More »