Will taking tryptophan&5 htp make you sick?

Answer On One Hand: Not if you are carefulNeither tryptophan, nor 5 htp supplements should make you sick unless: a) the supplements are contaminatedb) you are on other serotonin-enhancing medicines and th... Read More »

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Will it harm baby if you stopped taking prenatal vitamins at 5 months because it makes you sick?

not taking prenatal vitamins I have 4 kids I could not take the prenatals because they also made me sick I had 4 healthy babies none under 7lbs. If you are worried try taking just an over the count... Read More »

Will the flu shot make me sick?

On One Hand: There Are Flu Shot Side EffectsThere are certain flu vaccination side effects that can occur. Some people develop a low grade fever, aches, and /or redness, soreness and swelling at th... Read More »

Will this make me sick?

Will a flu shot make you sick.?

Hi:)), Registered Nurse here; Sorry to hear your feeling bad. The answer is yes the flu shot can make one sick, and throwing up is certainly seen with the flu. The flue shot stimulates your bodie... Read More »