Will taking tryptophan&5 htp make you sick?

Answer On One Hand: Not if you are carefulNeither tryptophan, nor 5 htp supplements should make you sick unless: a) the supplements are contaminatedb) you are on other serotonin-enhancing medicines and th... Read More »

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Can you get sick from taking the flu shot?

On One Hand: What the Flu Vaccine IsThe seasonal flu vaccine shot is an inactivated strain that contains killed virus. The nasal-spray vaccine contains only a weak form of the live virus. Neither t... Read More »

How to Get Paid for Taking Care of Your Sick Aunt?

Caring for a sick aunt or other family member in your home can take a toll, both physically and emotionally. It also can affect you financially by keeping you from working at a paying job. Fortunat... Read More »

I ran out of most my medicines while taking care of sick friend in UK, what can I do?

This would qualify as an Emergency.If you still have a supply, Your friend's GP is obliged to care for you- call and ask for an urgent appointment, explaining that you are their carer but are form... Read More »

I am sick need good get this togo away.taking vitamin C.?

get rest, take meds, you will survive, i did