Will taking the contraception pill stop you having babies forever?

Answer No. It only prevents pregnancy while you are taking the pill as directed. It takes a few days to start working, so use an alternate form of birth control if you have just started taking it. Also, t... Read More »

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Is there any way that you can stop having periods forever?

Yes they can remove your uterus. But if you are young they will suggest something else. You may be having some female problems and they might put you on the pill to fix it. Had my tubes tied. Still... Read More »

What will happen after taking an abortion pill?

The embryo dies when you take Mifepristone. The second pill you take the next day and it's Misoprostol and it makes you cramp so the embryo comes out.

What will happen after taking up an abortion pill?

The first one Mifepristone will end the pregnancy by stopping the production of progesterone which is what the embryo lives of. The next day you take the Misoprostol which induces cramps and expels... Read More »

If you are taking mircrogynon 30 the pill will it harm the baby if you are not sure you are pregnant yet?

Answer Hello. Taking contraception medication while pregnancy can cause birth defects or harm to the unborn baby and sometimes miscarriage. This is only in severe cases though. If you thi... Read More »