Will taking panadol get rid of the pain when...?

Answer Back pains are caused by pinched back muscles. Taking something to kill the pain usually results in something being done to tighten up the muscles even more to make your pains worse than they were... Read More »

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Will Maalox or a liquid Antacid help relieve abdominal pain for someone who has diverticulitis I am currently taking Ciprofloxacin and I still have a lot of pain Thanks for your help?

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Can you have more pain during ovulation when taking clomid And what does it mean?

I produced 4 follicles when I was on Clomid and because 4 eggs released there was alot more cramping. The fluid that the eggs are in irritates the pelvis so the more eggs the more cramps. Sounds li... Read More »

Bad pain from taking tablets I've been pascribed?

The pain in your side is happening because you have tight back muscles that are pressing into the nerves going around your body to send pains to your sides or front of your body. When the back mus... Read More »

How can I get rid of my headache without taking pain killer?

if you havent been drinking water recently it could be a dehydration headache. get some water.if you have been, thenget some coke or pepsi. caffeine will help dilate the blood vessels in your head.