Will taking panadol get rid of the pain when...?

Answer Back pains are caused by pinched back muscles. Taking something to kill the pain usually results in something being done to tighten up the muscles even more to make your pains worse than they were... Read More »

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Will Maalox or a liquid Antacid help relieve abdominal pain for someone who has diverticulitis I am currently taking Ciprofloxacin and I still have a lot of pain Thanks for your help?

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Will taking a advil remove my neck pain?

You are addicted to pain pills and pregnant will your baby get taking from you?

Most hospitals screen for drugs and HIV/AIDS before/during pregnancy/birth... in the event of a positive result ..they are required by law to notify Child Protective Services... of course this law ... Read More »

Iam Cancer Patient in very great pain,When will Idie and be free of my pain?

Hi Mohna V? I am sorry to know that you are a cancerpatient. May Almighty God help you to pass peacefullythis difficult time. As per my knowledge, all cancer patients get severe pain, which goes... Read More »