Will taking beer out of your refrigerator skunk it?

Answer NO!Here's the deal on skunked beer from an article I wrote..."First and foremost, beer does not go “skunky” by temperature change. It’s time we busted the myth of beer spoiling by going from... Read More »

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How to Cut a Watermelon Without Taking It out of the Refrigerator?

Are you ever too lazy to eat something that needs to be cut? Well today this article will show you how to cut something we all love: watermelon inside the refrigerator.

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Can I store a beer in a wine refrigerator?

A wine refrigerator can be used to store beer, using the storage and serving guidelines for beer. Beer experts say that most beers should be stored at a temperature of about 50 degrees F. and then ... Read More »

How long can I leave meat in the refrigerator after taking out of the freezer?

Answer I would use it as quickly as possible. I would suggest a max of 2 days after it defrosts provided that you froze it immediately after purchase.