Will synth keyboard work in garageband?

Answer sure will i have one

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How do I get the keyboard piano thing to work on GarageBand '08?

lmao go to window in the menu bar, then go down to keyboard.. or you can just press cmd+k.. now once it's up, at the top left, underneath the little red close button, there are two buttons, click o... Read More »

Will a Mac keyboard& mouse work for a PC?

It is possible to use a Mac keyboard and mouse with a PC. Apple makes both wired and wireless keyboards and mice for its Mac computers. Both wired and wireless versions will work on PCs. However, A... Read More »

Will this keyboard work or not?

My mother has a New Mac with wireless keyboard and It failed to work on an IPOD TOUCH which to me is just a smaller IPAD. Only trying will give you the correct answer. Find a better store with a ... Read More »

Will a USB keyboard work with the PS3?

You can plug a USB keyboard into a PlayStation 3 USB port for use with the system on the Internet.You can buy a third party keyboard or a Sony keyboard for this task.References:Mac World: PlayStati... Read More »