Will sugar dissolved in water conduct electricity?

Answer Sugar water that consists of only sugar and completely pure, deionized water will not conduct electricity because neither sugar nor completely deionized water is an electrolyte (which contains ions... Read More »

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Does sugar water conduct electricity?

When compounds break down in water, sometimes positive and negative ions are formed, which are able to carry electric current and conduct electricity. Sugar dissolved in water does not form any ion... Read More »

What is the increase in volume in 1 cup of water with 1 cup of sugar dissolved?

According to the Digital Bits Science Lab, a cup of sugar dissolved in one cup of water will yield 5/3 cups of sugar water. The total volume is less than the volume of its parts because the sugar m... Read More »

How do solutions form when sugar is dissolved in water?

The process of a solid dissolving in water demonstrates the differences between intramolecular ("within the molecules") versus intermolecular ("between molecules") interactions. In general, the bon... Read More »

Does deionized water conduct electricity?

Deionized water conducts electricity, but very little compared to water containing more ions. Deionized water can still ionize to positive and negative ions that conduct electricity, but because it... Read More »