Will sony alpha a230 lenses fit in a a380?

Answer The mount specification is identical. Any lens you can get to work on the a230 will work exactly the same on the a380.

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Can the sony alpha a230 take black and white photographs and if it can how?

yes. push the menu button then go to creative styles the choose black an white. that's how I do it on my a200

Can I use my sister's sony A380-Y slr lenses to my nikon D5100 slr?

Depends on what your wanting, if you want something more video based, you'll probably want the D5000. But, if you want something more photography based, you more likely to want the D3100. I'm going... Read More »

I have a Sigma 70-200 DG HSM lens that will autofocus with a Sony alpha 55 but not with my Sony alpha 77 body.?

It sounds as though your lens has not been updated to work with the SLT-A77. Sigma haven't actually licensed the electronic lens interface that is a part of the Alpha mount. What they've done is ... Read More »

Lenses compatiblity for sony DSLT alpha a65?

sony has a range of lenses which you can find in their websites. if you cant find one of your liking you can get third party lenses from carl zeiss, tamron, sigma, tokina and more which makes sony ... Read More »