Will someone please help me with my scanner?

Answer Google canon scanner canoscanlide30 driver . . .Save it in a location . . .Install it . . .Before doin it re-plug the scanner . . .It will surely do the trick for you . . .

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Can someone help me please with link for a driver for cannon scanner model FB 636U Thanksss?

Hi There,Here is the link:…Hope this helps,Al

Will someone please help me with my tumblr probs?

it will only have a line down when someone else reblogs it, that is your comment so it will not show it.

Could someone please help me locate a usb cable for a visioneer 4800 scanner.?

Help me with my scanner please.?

Look around in the settings part of the software that came with the Pixma (or get a copy from the support site). Configure scanning to PDF with multiple pages.Optional you can merge the seperate fi... Read More »