Will social security benefits stop if the knee is replaced?

Answer Are you still disabled?Not if you are at full retirement, but if you are on disability SS, you may lose benefits if you are no longer disabled.

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Can I stop receiving Social Security benefits?

It is possible to stop receiving Social Security benefits and defer them to a later date. This can be desirable for people who thought they were retiring, but then went back to work. Submit Social ... Read More »

How to Start Social Security After Unemployment Benefits Stop?

Social Security is administered when an individual turns 62 years old (it can start earlier if you are disabled). While you were working, you were paying into your Social Security so you can have f... Read More »

Can you collect Social Security widow's benefits& Social Security income?

You cannot collect Social Security widow's benefits and Social Security income at the same time, according to the Social Security Administration. If Social Security income benefits are higher than ... Read More »

Can you collect both unemployment benefits and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits in California?

It depends on the school. For some schools, spring break's not even in March.