Will smoking cause bronchitis?

Answer On One Hand: Smoking Causes COPDSmoking is a major risk factor for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including chronic bronchitis. According to Medline Plus, people with chronic bronchi... Read More »

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Will social smoking cause cancer?

On One Hand: Social Smoking Is CommonMany people enjoy smoking the occasional cigarette or cigar in a social situation. While they do not consider themselves regular smokers and do not smoke every ... Read More »

Does bronchitis cause emphysema?

On One Hand: No Proven LinkAccording to the University of Maryland Health Center, emphysema is usually caused by chronic irritation of the lung tissue from cigarette smoke. Other pollutants in the ... Read More »

Does bronchitis cause back pain?

On One Hand: Bronchitis Does Not Cause Back PainBack pain is not one of the symptoms associated with bronchitis. However, a person with bronchitis may experience discomfort in the chest areas, acco... Read More »

If you get bronchitis 3 times in 6 years is it Chronic Bronchitis?

No... you had acute bronchitis. Three times.