Will sisterlocks cause my hair to thin or break?

Answer On One Hand: Sisterlocks Are Not For Dreaded HairIf you already have dreadlocks and want to put Sisterlocks in your hair, the locks are likely to unravel, and this makes the hair more prone to brea... Read More »

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How to Find Hair Products for Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks are not your average hair extensions, but high quality microlocks that allow the hair's natural interlocking process to unfold. Sisterlocks require an investment of both time and money,... Read More »

How to Create Gentle Waves for Thin Fine Straight Hair by Braiding Wet Hair Overnight?

Having fine, straight hair allows you to create a variety of styles. A braid helps create waves that give your hair volume and disguise thin hair. Braiding your hair after a shower and sleeping on ... Read More »

My daughter thats 12yrs old is pulling her hair out, this is leaving her with very thin!?

There is a name for what she does. It is called trichotillomania. People who have trichotillomania pull their hair out. I have known a number of kids who did this. Many experts believe that tri... Read More »

Hair Removal Techniques for Thin Skin & Coarse Hair?

Coarse body hair is largely genetically dictated. The genes, being the despotic dictators that they sometimes are, don't bother taking a vote and letting the individual weigh in on just how much a... Read More »