Will shutting off my computer at night save electricity?

Answer Switching your computer off at night saves A lot of electricity. I don't know if it will harm it though.

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Will you save money by turning off electricity at night?

Answer yes electricity costs money and you will save it

After shutting down at night do you turn off power at electric socket or leave computer on standby?

Personally I dont ever shut my computer off I leave it running 24/7. But for people who do shut them down you dont need to shut the power strip off, just use the shutdown option from the start men... Read More »

Does a computer really draw a lot of electricity Is it better to turn them off or leave them on to save $?

i think its better to leave them on, as most modern computers have a sleep mode that is designed for just that purpose. besides if you constantly turn computers on and off, the initial power on mak... Read More »

Should You Turn Off a Computer at Night to Save Energy?

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