Will Sony soon make the best passive 3D TVs?

Answer Sony, like most other manufacturers are working with active 3D systems that deliver full HD quality. LG are almost alone in choosing passive 3D, probably because it reduces resolution to only 540 l... Read More »

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Does blu-ray have the same definition as real life or will they make a video format with higher def soon?

Keep in mind that we lived with Standard def since 1948. It took 60 years and an act of Congress to force a change. I think 1080 will be around for a while.

Will Mama's Family seasons 2-6 be coming out on DVD soon or will it ever come out on DVD?

i did like all the season of mama family they are the best show ever it is very funny ken barry is the best actor

What will be your answer if a cancer patient says: Will I die soon?

Only one knows so enjoy life while you have it.

My 17 year old son will be getting braces soon but he is afraid they will be painful.?

Well I'm 16 you really dont feel any pain your teeth are just sore for a little while for about 3 days and then you get used to it. When it gets farther in your dentist might give him rubber bands ... Read More »