Will satellite Internet work off of Dish TV?

Answer Dish TV is private network that delivers satellite TV programming to subscribers receivers via satellite. Satellite Internet service providers use their own satellite networks and receivers to tran... Read More »

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Will Dish Network satellite dish work with a Shaw receiver?

Our LNBs connected to the dish sends the signal from the satellite in space, which the receiver decodes so you get the picture for the channel you want to watch. A shaw receiver doesn't have the co... Read More »

Will a direct TV satellite antenna work with dish network?

The dish itself can be used but the LNB has to be a Dish LNB. Our receivers will not work without our LNB. Thanks.

Will a Dish Network satellite receiver work with a Directv box?

Dish Network satellite receivers use a proprietary technology called Dish Pro to provide satellite television service to homes. This technology is only offered by Dish Network and only receivable o... Read More »

Will the magicJack work with satellite Internet?

The magicJack telephone device will not work with any satellite Internet provider, such as or Direct TV, or with any dial-up service. The magicJack only works with cable or DSL broadband... Read More »