Will roundup still work after it is frozen?

Answer Yes, but its efficacy may well be reduced, depending on how long it was frozen. Since it is illegal to use any pesticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling, you can't just use more. It woul... Read More »

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Does Roundup work on pacasandra?

Roundup is not guaranteed to control pachysandra, or English Ivy, according to Jillian Leiter, a consumer response specialist with the Scotts Company. Pachysandra has a very waxy leaf coating makin... Read More »

How can i kill winter weeds in shrub beds( roundup doesn't work in the winter.)?

The best way take to care of winter weeds is to pull them by hand, then use a pre-emergent weed control product which will kill weed seeds before they sprout. Pre-emergent weed control works for mo... Read More »

Do magnets work when frozen?

Frozen magnets not only work, but they actually work a little better, according to the Illinois Department of Physics. Scientists believe that moving negatively charged electrons produce magnetic f... Read More »

Would frozen strawberries work for this recipe?

You could use frozen unsweetened strawberries. You will have to defrost and drain the frozen strawberries very well before placing them on the crust, or the frozen berries will retain enough liqui... Read More »