Will roundup still work after it is frozen?

Answer Yes, but its efficacy may well be reduced, depending on how long it was frozen. Since it is illegal to use any pesticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling, you can't just use more. It woul... Read More »

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Will your iphone 4 still work after it's been dropped in the water?

It Depends On If You Have A Strong Case On It Or Not But I Would Say Most Likely No

How to Plant Grass After Roundup?

When your turf requires an overhaul due to weeds or patchy growth, you might decide to start over with a fresh reseeding. Remove the existing grass using Roundup (containing the nonselective herbic... Read More »

If a stepdaughter elects to postpone surgery until after she emancipates will the condition be pre-existing and will your husband still be liable for the expenses if her and her mother wait?

Answer if the daughter isn't his then he won't have to pay medical expenses. if he has her on his insurance take her off. bilogical father is responsible for part of the medical and real mother. if... Read More »

What can cause twins to be stillborn after the first trimester and will there by any type of signs so you will know that your babies are still born?

Answerwhen said will you know babies are still born and gone is not correct. Stillborn is when you have carried a baby and the baby has died, and you still have to give birth. STILLBORN, STILLBIRTH... Read More »