Will renters insurance cover a TV that has a bullet hole?

Answer Renters insurance generally does cover flying/falling objects. I do believe that a bullet would fall into that category. Please remember that you may have a deductible to face.

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Will renters insurance cover a LCD TV that fell and broke?

check the covered perils on your insurance policy. Most policies won't cover it

Will homeowners insurance cover replacement carpet that your renters ruined?

Yes travel insurance is available in the UK. Travel insurance can cover lost items, cancellations and even medical costs. Of course, there are different packages and different costs. Therefore, try... Read More »

Will renters insurance cover property that was brought to another location and stolen?

They are not required to certify your copy of the policy. An Insurance declarations page (Policy Page) is already considered a legal document. I think most states will require that a copy be convey... Read More »

Will your renters insurance cover your bike that was stolen while on vacation but you live and have coverage in another state?

It is usually the most expensive heathcare choice but offers the most flexibility =]---emmy g