Will removing acer empowering technology from my computer cause problems?

Answer I dunno but I'll watch the answers as I wouldn't mind knowing as it doesn't seem to do anything that Vista doesn't already do anyway

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Will uninstalling Internet Explorer cause problems with my computer?

In addition to the first answer (which is correct), you will need to use IE in order to receive Windows Updates. Without Windows critical and security updates, your computer will soon be a malware-... Read More »

At present i have windows Xp on my computer.Iwant to install Vista..Can I do so.Will it cause any problems.?

Sure you can but a better question is why do you want to? Stick with XP.

Is there any way to keep a baby away from the father if he's a really bad person and doesn't want it but will just see the baby to cause problems?

Answer Never let the baby near his or her father you should move to another place with the baby so nothing bad will happen.

Can a virus cause computer problems?

A virus can cause computer problems, according to one of the leading software manufacturers, Microsoft. A computer virus, which is a software program that spreads throughout computers and networks ... Read More »