Will regular queen sheets fit my queen water bed?

Answer Sheets from a regular queen-size bed will not fit a queen waterbed because the dimensions are not the same: Waterbeds are generally 10 inches longer. It is best to purchase sheets made specifically... Read More »

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Can queen sheets fit a Full XL?

Yes, queen sheets will fit an XL full size bed. XL Full size bed dimensions are 54" wide and 80" long while queen size bed dimensions are 60" wide and 80" long, so the queen sheets will fit well le... Read More »

How do I fold fitted queen-size sheets?

Queen-sized sheets are large; start by laying your sheet across a bed or large table. Pick up the edge closest to you and put a hand in each fitted corner and reach up to the corners at the far end... Read More »

When was Queen Elizabeth 2 crowned queen of England?

England's current reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned queen of England on June 2, 1953, although she officially acceded to the throne following her father's death on the Feb. 6, 1952.... Read More »

Will a queen boxspring work with a Cal queen mattress?

No, a queen box spring will not work with a California queen size mattress. A Cal queen mattress has a width of 60 inches and is 84 inches long. A queen size box spring also has a width of 60 inche... Read More »