Will regular dish network viewers receive super bowl on regular programming?

Answer With most of our installations, if you qualify for the promotion, the installations are free. This is for new customers. You can go to to view our programming packages, the mont... Read More »

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Can you use a dish network receiver as a regular atenna?

I have provided codes specific to the Samsung component. The codes are 881, 755, 738, 517, 675, 591, 579, 534, and 515. I have also provided instructions on how to program the remote to your compon... Read More »

Will you be able to get Super Bowl if you have Dish network?

Will the super bowl be on dish network?

If you have DISH Network & are receiving the Salt Lake City, Utah locals package from us then you will be able to find your local fox channel on either channel 13, 6374, or 8533.

How do you get dish network satelitte on when you have a blurry regular channel on?

The answer to this question depends upon what type receiver, TV, and cable you are using between the receiver to your TV. Depending upon which cable is used, the TV would be on channel 3 or 4 if us... Read More »