Will refrigerating bananas keep them from rotting as fast?

Answer Yes but freezing is better...

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Refrigerating nectaries...?

I watched Alton's Good Eats on food network that explored peaches & nectarines... It was very entertaining and thoroughly explains your problem! He advises NOT to refrigerate peaches or nectarines... Read More »

Refrigerating beef jerky?

My local butchers don't sell beef jerky most likely they will sell you raw beef and you make your own home made jerky or supermarkets sell beef/pork/turkey in sealed plastic bags and never refriger... Read More »

Can you leave food out and then cook it instead of refrigerating?

any meat MUST sit and rest out of the oven before it is sliced!! If she put it to rest in the fridge she would have to reheat it longer. You are being assinine to suggest that she is wrong! you are... Read More »

How to Make a Delicious Blueberry Pie by Refrigerating it?

This spectacular recipe will leave your taste buds bedazzled! Please try this recipe out, especially if you don't really want to bake a pie.