Will reformatting a computer fix registry problems?

Answer Reformatting a computer will absolutely fix registry problems. Reformatting the computer reinstalls the operating system, so any registry problems you had will be deleted along with all of your dat... Read More »

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Will reformatting my computer delete all viruses?

The answer is yes. Definitly.The virus can only live on your hard drive. Some of they may distroy your motherboard, but can not live there, because the data in CMOS of motherboard can not be excute... Read More »

My computer is running terribly slow. What can I do against it other than reformatting?

hit ctrl-alt-del and check task manager for procs. Click on the CPU meter and see what's eating it. If you're running some store machine it probably came stuffed with junk. Anything you added and f... Read More »

Will uninstalling Internet Explorer cause problems with my computer?

In addition to the first answer (which is correct), you will need to use IE in order to receive Windows Updates. Without Windows critical and security updates, your computer will soon be a malware-... Read More »

Will removing acer empowering technology from my computer cause problems?

I dunno but I'll watch the answers as I wouldn't mind knowing as it doesn't seem to do anything that Vista doesn't already do anyway