Will putting peanut in your ears really get stop wax from accumulating?

Answer Any oil should work just fine. (well not dirty motor oil) - Peanut butter (creamy) would keep sweat from rollling into your ears, which my sister's dermatologist said is what causes ear wax build u... Read More »

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Sometimes you’ll get a new book, glance through a few chapters, put it on the coffee table for later indulgence, and get back to whatever you were doing. You don’t have time to actually read yo... Read More »

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About 18 months give or take one or two. They put things in their mouths because they are trying to learn what it is and it is one of the 5 senses.

How to Stop a So Called Friend from Putting You Down?

You have a "friend" who can be funny and fun to be with sometimes, but in front of others, puts you down or uses you as the butt of jokes or pranks. How do you handle this unusual relationship? Is ... Read More »