Will putting a normal stud in the nose cause infection?

Answer Your first consideration in choosing nose jewelry is the health of your nose. Regular studs for ears have pointy, exposed posts that easily irritate, and even puncture, the septum between nostrils.... Read More »

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What size gauge is a nose stud and a labret stud 10 points!?

Labrets average sizes are 14 or 16g. Nose is 18 or 20g.

After you get your nose pierced is the top of the stud supposed to lay flat against your nose?

I got my nose pierced three years ago and they used some sort of diamond type studd. It always stayed lifted up at the top, mine never did go down and I eventually got used to it. after a few month... Read More »

Should I get a nose stud?

I think a nose stud would look great on you! Ask your parents if it's okay first, though. Take good care of your piercing and follow all directions that you receive! Good luck and be careful wit... Read More »

Nose piercing stud?

I brought my own jewelry to my piercer so go to a place that sells small nose studs and get a clear stone. The skin won't grow over it