Will putting a normal stud in the nose cause infection?

Answer Your first consideration in choosing nose jewelry is the health of your nose. Regular studs for ears have pointy, exposed posts that easily irritate, and even puncture, the septum between nostrils.... Read More »

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Does plucking out nose hairs cause infection?

What size gauge is a nose stud and a labret stud 10 points!?

Labrets average sizes are 14 or 16g. Nose is 18 or 20g.

Will my nose eventually go back to normal?

- well it will probably stay that way- people people peopleyou should have gone to the doctorif you were a guy it would not matter but you sound female so you might want to get it fixed- like a lon... Read More »

Can an infection from your wisdom teeth cause an infection in your brain or cause death?

Answer An infected tooth can cause death. But it isn't really from infecting your brain. It will go into your airways and swell them up then you can't breath. A tooth infection can become very s... Read More »