Will punching self in stomach kill my unborn at 5 months?

Answer It will not kill the baby but You can give your baby injuries and it can be born with problems. DO NOT PUNCH YOURSELF IN THE STOMACH!

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Can hitting yourself in the stomach kill your unborn child?

If you are looking for a way to miscarry and abort you have to see a doctor. For a normal pregnancy early on nothing will happen, the embryo is well protected but in late pregnancy you can rupture ... Read More »

Will drinking vinegar kill an unborn baby?

Will you kill your unborn baby by doing drugs?

You shouldn't smoke with a baby or else it will have bad lungs. If your taking a prescription drug you should ask your doctor about it. If you smoking, drinking, taking drugs or anything like that ... Read More »

How to Use Punching Techniques for Self Defense?

Going out to the street at night can be dangerous. You may end up in a fight with those who threaten you. Learning to defend yourself would not be a bad idea. A good punch can buy you enough time t... Read More »