Will price of Nikon D60 drop greatly in September?

Answer i guess yes if its too steep $150,even i ll go for it .september is too close maybe it will take 2-3 months .they released their gps equipped one ,so surely not so soon .

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Blu ray price drop?

price will go down its only natural. Sharp just dropped the price of one of its players from $499 to $399. Amazon also has it now it $349…People say that p... Read More »

When will iPad 2 price drop?

Just did. All iPad 2 models are 100.00 cheaper. They did start at 499.99 now they start at 399.99

When is the iphone 4 going to drop its price?

one of my friends went to change his phone and he said that they told him in about three weeks the price is going to go down

How to Do a Price Chopper Drop?

This is a brief description on how to do a drop or a pick up at Price Chopper.