Will poppy seeds make you fail a drug test?

Answer If you eat them within two days of taking a urine test, certain types of poppy seeds can cause you to test positive for opiates such as heroin and codeine. While not all poppy seeds contain opiates... Read More »

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Can poppy seeds make you fail a drug test?

Some poppy seeds can make you fail a drug test. There are two types of poppy seeds, one from an opium poppy plant and one that is not. The seeds from the opium poppy plant can cause false-positives... Read More »

Will poppy seeds make you fail a drug screen?

Although it is unlikely, it is possible to fail a drug screening after eating poppy seeds. Some poppy plants contain opium, but the seeds from those plants are not generally used for baking. To be ... Read More »

Will you fail a coast guard drug test for taking Tylenol pm?

Not if it's an over the counter drug, but when in doubt see your HS or if you're taking a Urinalysis be sure to write whatever you're taking in the last column of the form the Urinalysis Coordinato... Read More »

Will second hand weed smoke cause you to fail a drug test?

You should be fine. Even if it did get in your bloodstream (which would be hard) it wouldn't be alot, and probably wouldn't even show up. I hope you find a better job. :) good luck.