Will plants without fertilizer grow faster?

Answer [1] Theoretically, they wouldn't. [2] But practically it depends upon soil health. Fertilizer applied to stressed or unhealthy soil mightn't be taken up by plant roots. In the case of the latter, f... Read More »

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Will a wildflower grow faster in inorganic or organic fertilizer?

Wildflowers will grow faster in soil that has been moderately fertilized with an inorganic fertilizer. Using excessive amounts of inorganic fertilizer, however, will cause wildflowers to produce mo... Read More »

Will egg shells for fertilizer help a plant grow faster?

Egg shells are an inexpensive homemade fertilizer option that can improve the growth rate and quality of your plants. Egg shells help restore calcium into the soil, as well as nitrogen and phosphor... Read More »

Do plants grow faster with or without sun?

Answer There are specific species of plants that are best suited for either sun or shade. Some form of sunlight is needed to provide growth, but some plants cannot tolerate direct sun. Sam bessant ... Read More »

If I let my indoor plants listen to 3 hours of Bach a day, will they grow faster?

In fact, plants do like "sounds".. not necessarely music... A lot of experience had been made to show if music can help or not. In all case, plants growing with music did a lot better than the one ... Read More »