Will plants grow without planting any seeds?

Answer No Because in a seed is a plant so it would be impossible.Some plants will grow from cuttings. Plants like geraniums and daisies grow very easily in this way. It is a type of cloning, as the offspr... Read More »

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Will corn seeds grow popcorn plants?

Popcorn plants grow from popcorn seed. Popcorn plants are in the same family as sweet corn. Sweet corn is grown to be tender while the hull, or covering, of a popcorn kernel is hard, which allows s... Read More »

How do scattering seeds increase the chance that new plants will grow?

it increses because the seeds are under ground and the sun shines on the dirt and the seeds get soil.and you need to water it for it to grow.

If you are planting a small Pomegranate tree how many seeds should you put in the soil just one or5 or the whole fruit Also will it grow in a pot And what are some tips to encourage its success?

Hardwood cuttings are best bet when obtained from a proven parent tree.You can plant five or so seeds in the same pot. I did this 2 years ago. Three seeds germinated. I transferred all to individua... Read More »

Will watermelon seeds grow without soil?

Answer Hydroponics is an interesting subject for investigation. Use the link and read about a way to grow things without soil. There is some criticality to sprouting the seed using this method, and... Read More »