Will plants grow in Gatorade?

Answer AnswerNo way to know until you try! Go for it! I tried this experiment at school. most people say it doesn't have an advantage for plants, but my plants are growing higher then all the other plants... Read More »

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Will plants grow in just water?

On One Hand: Yes, They CanPlants can grow in just water, according to In a process called hydroponics, gardeners can grow their plants without soil, using nutritionally fortified... Read More »

What plants will grow in sand?

Examples include Chamomiles, sages, tulips, daffodils, burning bushes, bee balms (in shade), daisies, clematis (in the shade), cacti, carrots, radishes, garlic, strawberries, blueberries, hostas, p... Read More »

Will corn seeds grow popcorn plants?

Popcorn plants grow from popcorn seed. Popcorn plants are in the same family as sweet corn. Sweet corn is grown to be tender while the hull, or covering, of a popcorn kernel is hard, which allows s... Read More »

When will asparagus plants spears grow?

Plant asparagus in early spring once soil is workable. Use one-year-old crowns, or seedlings, purchased from a reputable nursery. Asparagus spears first appear in March or April. Do not harvest as... Read More »