Will plain muslin fabric work for waxing?

Answer You can wax plain (preferably unbleached) muslin fabric to make it waterproof. Place a clean piece of scrap cloth or parchment over your ironing board and lay the muslin on top. Warm an iron (don't... Read More »

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Types of Muslin Fabric?

Muslin is a popular utility fabric that has been used for centuries. It is said to have originated from a town in Iraq and was historically a fashionable summer-weight fabric in Europe. This plain ... Read More »

How Does Waxing Work?

Your car interior is important to your overall driving experience, as this is where you spend your time. Your choice of interior color will determine how it feels to be in the car, and will most of... Read More »

How long does waxing pubic hair work?

On One Hand: It Can Last As Long As Six Weeks.Brazilian waxing can last up to six weeks, depending on your hair-growth patterns. Hair growth after waxing is normally very slow during the first two ... Read More »

Does plain yogurt work for yeast infections?

On One Hand: Yogurt Effectively Treats Yeast InfectionsYogurt has long been considered a home remedy for yeast infections. Modern medicine has acknowledged that plain yogurt can be used to treat a ... Read More »