Will pink eye go away on its own?

Answer There are three types of pink-ey (conjunctivitis): 1. allergic - treated with anti-allergy drops and cool wash-clothes2. bacterial pink-ey - treated with antibacterial eye drops3. viral - will last... Read More »

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Had to post this again because no one helped!! Why won't my pink eye go away! Is it even pink eye?

What you should do is stop whining and go see a dr. And do you really need to be told that? Any reason you can't put "pink eye" into Google? Nobody owes you an answer and are you really so dim ... Read More »

Does pink eye go away on its own?

No, bacterial pink eye will not go away on its own. Pink eye is caused by the introduction of bacteria into the eye- usually by rubbing the eye with the hands. You may want to get creative when try... Read More »

Why won't my pink eye go away!!?

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How long does pink eye take to go away?