Will permenant teeth grow back?

Answer I hope you are joking with this question...???No, permanent teeth are it. If you lose them they do NOT grow back. That's why they are called permanent.

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One of the front teeth is just a bit broken, will it grow back?

no, your teeth do not keep growing. You can have a dentist smooth it out, or over time it will smooth from chewing.

If you break your teeth will it grow back or can they fix it?

Generally a broken tooth can be repaired.

How do teeth grow and what are they made out ofPlus if your wisdom teeth grow in can you loose those teeth to?

Human teeth are formed in the following way. In the early embryo the skin along the future line of the jaw-bones thickens and is known as the dental lamina. The edge of this extends into the tissue... Read More »

Do front teeth grow back?