Will penicillin hurt your 12 week old fetus?

Answer I believe that taking penicillin during the 11th week of pregnancy killed my baby. I would be interested to know why this question was originally posed as I am concerned that the medical profession... Read More »

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Can taking penicillin vk hurt your unborn baby?

Your seventeen week old fetus appears to have his stomach on the right hand side of his body but all other organs are in correct place what complications will this occur for him?

It may not have any complications. Organs on the 'wrong' side are quite common. It may even move to its normal position by the end of pregnancy.

Will a baseball thrown at a full term pregnant woman's stomach hurt the fetus inside?

Answer Your baby is surrounded by a very shock proof environment. Babies are fine after car accidents, falls and even assaults.That being said, I would still seek medical advice. Your doctor sho... Read More »

Will it hurt if 2 of your baby teeth have to get removed and at the top.will the shot hurt?

Well, it's no fun. I can promise you that. I am extremely needle phobic. When I was younger, I had crowding and my dentist wanted to pull teeth to help the others come in straight, and I was scared... Read More »