Will penicillin hurt your 12 week old fetus?

Answer I believe that taking penicillin during the 11th week of pregnancy killed my baby. I would be interested to know why this question was originally posed as I am concerned that the medical profession... Read More »

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Can taking penicillin vk hurt your unborn baby?

Can sperm hurt the fetus?

How big is a 12-week fetus?

At 12 weeks old, a fetus will be approximately three inches long. The fetus will weigh about an ounce. This time period is the end of the first trimester; the second trimester begins at 13 weeks.So... Read More »

How big is a 17 week fetus?

At 17 weeks gestation, a fetus is approximately 5.1 inches long from the top of its head to the bottom of its rear, according to The developing fetus weighs an average of 4.9 oz. by... Read More »