Will pc133 work for pc100 ram?

Answer PC133SDRAM has backwards compatibility with older motherboards that can only accept RAM with a slower clock speed, according to There are certain old motherboards that only work wit... Read More »

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Will pc100 ram work in a pc133 system?

PC100 RAM generally will not work in a PC133 system. This is because PC100 RAM is rated to run at a speed of 100 MHz, while PC133 runs at 133 MHz. In 1999, PC website Earthweb Hardware compared sev... Read More »

Will PC133 RAM work in a PC100 slot?

PC133 RAM will work in a PC100 slot; however, the RAM will only operate at PC100 speeds. PC133 is SDRAM, which is generally backward compatible and can operate at slower bus speeds than it's rated ... Read More »

Will PC133 memory work in a PC100 slot?

PC133 SDRAM can be used in a motherboard memory slot designed for PC100 RAM.The motherboard will utilize the PC133 SDRAM as if it were PC100 SDRAM, which means you will not see better performance b... Read More »

Can you mix PC133 RAM& PC100 RAM?

You can mix PC133 and PC100 SD-RAM in most computers, but only if both RAM modules run at the PC100 speed, or 100 MHz. PC100 SD-RAM is not intended to operate at the faster 133 MHz speed of PC133 S... Read More »