Will paying off a mortgage help boost your credit score?

Answer Paying off a mortgage will not boost your credit score. A credit score calculates the ability to pay in the future on current debts. Installment debt, such as a mortgage or a college loan, only cou... Read More »

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How to Boost Your Credit Score With a Secured Credit Card?

Secured credit cards are one of the ways to increase your credit score. You use your own money to generate a credit line with the bank. The bank then issues you a Visa or Mastercard that you can us... Read More »

Does paying a credit card in advance improve your credit score?

On One Hand: Early Payment Avoids Late FeesA late payment on a credit card, even one day late, can seriously impact your credit score. Processing delays can turn even a timely payment into one that... Read More »

How do I boost a credit score?

Reduce your credit utilization by paying down all lines of revolving credit to less than 30 percent of their limit. Additionally, ensure that all debt payments are up to date to avoid the hit of a ... Read More »

Do lenders use credit score or fico score for mortgage rate?

Lenders use both credit and FICO scores to determine mortgage rates for individual borrowers. Mortgage companies use a "tri-merge" credit report that lists credit bureau scores from Experian, Equif... Read More »