Will passive 3D TVs continue being popular choices?

Answer Well, no one has a definite answer for that. But I think that it is most likely that yes, passive 3D TVs will continue to be popular. They are designed for maximum comfort and each, new technology ... Read More »

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If current orthodontic services are being rendered to a minor child of the debtor will the child still be able to continue the service without paying under Chapter 7?

Answer I'm not a lawyer but I would say no unless the orthodontics are correcting something life-threatening. After all, you'd be asking an orthodontist to continue to provide services to you afte... Read More »

How to Stop Being Passive Aggressive?

Made Using InkscapeBeing passive aggressive is not, usually, a nice thing to do, and ultimately, will just cause resentment.

What do you think is better among the choices below Explain ur choices in a word or a line?

1. Eazy e for sure. The godfather of gangsta rap. Maybe not as skilled but WAY more influential, charismatic, successful and imo makes better music. Nobody has ever influenced me as much as him. He... Read More »

Is it true that passive 3d tvs are better than active 3d tvs and which one is the best passive 3d tv?

No it isn't. Passive television splits alternate lines to each eye so effectively they reduce the resolution to only 540 lines. That's even worse than standard definition of 576 lines.LG make passi... Read More »