Will overeating for three days straight make me fat?

Answer Me and food always get into trouble when YOLO's involved..hahaha but no, you will not get fat! Just remember your young, but also focus on getting your other nutrients for the day like protein, cal... Read More »

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How to Stay Up For Three Days Straight?

So you have a busy life, and don't have enough time to do everything that you need to do. Well to get more done you have to be awake. This article shows you how to stay up for up to three days stra... Read More »

I've been bleeding for 10 days straight help!?

bandaid and neosporine. quick cure for all. if not duct tape should do

I've had a headache for 9 days straight?

You need to go to a doctor. It sounds as if you have some sort of neck muscle and back muscles spasm going on and that is causing you headaches. You might need massage or physio to fix the underlyi... Read More »

How to Stay up for 2 Days Straight?

Soda pop is a great way to stay up all night!You've stayed up all night, and now you need to stay up for 2 days. Here is how