Will over eating 2 days make me gain weight?

Answer No but you dieted the last 3 days of the week for nothing, that mean you're back to where you were Tuesday.

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Can eating too much watermellon make me gain weight?

Im sure your fine (: fruit never made someone fat :P it actually boosts your metabolism and has low calories also its a source of essential vitamins to keep you healthy and happy, i think your fine!

Does eating dessert every night make you gain weight?

Are you kidding? Eating low fat frozen yoghurt with strawberries makes you diet a lot more healthier, these sort of foods are great as they provide vitamins and minerals which you need for body mai... Read More »

Will i gain weight by eating this?

Try gaining weight by eating a little bit healthier. Such as eating loads of protein. Especially meats, just not red meats. You can also take a supplement usually taken by people trying to build mu... Read More »

How many calories should i be eating to gain weight?

On One Hand: There is a Required NumberTo gain one pound, an individual needs to consume 3500 calories. This means that to gain one pound a week 500 extra calories a day would need to be consumed. ... Read More »