Will orange juice keep me awake?

Answer Its not got caffeine in it, so it isn't going to keep you away like coffee or tea, but it is full of sugar so you may find it a little harder to get settled. Plus the fact its likes to make you nee... Read More »

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Orange Juice Apple Juice Tomato Juice Grapefruit Juice Or Pineapple Juice Which do you like better?

They are all good but mater juice rules.Are you hanging out in my garden, just cuz it's yer B day?Hugs,Dallas

Orange juice is yellow, so why do they call it ORANGE juice?

Gee, well there's these magical fruits called oranges. And those fruits that are magical just so happen to be squeezed and create a juice!

Will orange juice go bad if left out of the refrigerator?

Here's a question for you.Did you buy your juice on a shelf or in the refrigerated section of the grocery store?If you got it from the shelf, the juice will be fine. If you bought the juice in the ... Read More »

Will lemon juice give black hair orange or red highlights?

If you have black hair, it wont give you any highlights. Lemon juice mostly works on people who have lighter hair.