Will olive oil work as a sexual lubricant?

Answer For gentle sensual loving sex with a partner you worship then really that's just wonderful, however going hammer & tongs at some hookers arze, with all the friction there is a very high risk of fo... Read More »

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How to Balance Work, Play and Sexual Relationship?

Balancing work, play/friends and a sexual relationship can be a very hard task and sometimes you can loose yourself in it all, so how do you do it? for me I like taking 2hrs out of everyday where I... Read More »

How long after sexual intercourse will you know if you are pregnant?

Answereven blood test wont tell you until implantion (6-12 after ovulation) its because blood and urine tests detect home levels that your body doesnt start giving off until the egg implants itself... Read More »

Does olive oil treatment work for lice?

Yes, olive oil will kill lice by "dissolving" their exoskeletons. Furthermore, olive oil can smother and suffocate active lice when submerged in the oil for a long period of time, according to an i... Read More »

How good does olive oil hair treatment work ?

Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and needs the most moisture, which is why, if you flat iron, you should always take care of your ends and give it plenty of moisture before you straighten... Read More »