Y&R Nick and Phyllis will get married?

Answer Well l see the spoilers says Phyllis holds her stomach and cries out for help, maybe that's the tragedy. As for something shocking about Daisy, could it be that they find out that she's a Callahan ... Read More »

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If you are pregnant but getting married will your husband's insurance cover the pregnancy after you get married?

AnswerYes, if it's a Employer Group plan.Can a preexisting condition exclusion be applied to my coverage because I'm pregnant?No. Pregnancy can never be subject to a preexisting condition exclusion... Read More »

Days fans - Do you think Sami taking all that money Nick had hidden will?

No i think she did something good. I hope Vargas will slit Nick's throat over this. All Nick's proof is gone so im hoping Will can have a chance with his baby.

Is it true that Michael Phelps will be the host of a remake of the 90s hit Nick game show Figure It Out?

Isn"t Mr. Phelps in enough Hot Water ( no pun intended) over the Marijuana pall? enough is enough, keep guys like this away from kids.I am a subscriber to a major game show blog and I have heard no... Read More »

Nick & nick jr. are two different channal?