Will my vagina be the same after pregnancy?

Answer have you ever blown a balloon up & did that go back to its normal size after it went down

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Is a Swollen vagina a pregnancy symptom?

A swollen vagina is a symptom of pregnancy

Is burning in the vagina a sign of pregnancy?

Answer No, but it may be a sign of an infection or a Sexually transmitted disease. An infection could be an Urinary Tract Infection. You should see a doctor.

If you get pregnant from not having sex ie other ways the sperm could get into vagina can that affect how your pregnancy is?

Answer No this wont effect how your pregnancy progresses. However it is HIGHLY unlikely to become pregnant that way. Answer If you are talking about getting pregnant by using a syringe or similar, ... Read More »

Is pregnancy possible if the penis rubbed against the outer lips of the vagina without pre-ejaculate fluid?