Will my t mobile phone work outside the united states?

Answer T-Mobile cellular service is available in more than 182 countries worldwide. In order to use your phone outside the United States, you must add T-Mobile's WorldClass International Roaming service t... Read More »

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Why is the emergency phone number in the united kingdom "999" and "911" in the united states?

It was implemented as a feature to prevent abuse of the service. In theory, hitting 999 accidentally is much easier than hitting 911.

Can I use T-Mobile's USB modem in the United States?

On One Hand: USB Modem Connections are Available in the U.S.Having a USB modem makes it easy to connect to the Internet wherever there is a T-Mobile connection. T-Mobile provides international serv... Read More »

Is it possible to get an iPhone 3G on virgin mobile in the United States?

No, sorry. The iPhone uses a SIM card... virgin mobile does not. I wanted to do this as well but it just isn't possible. What you could do is find out how to make your iphone prepaid through anothe... Read More »

Will a T-Mobile cell phone work with a T-Mobile prepaid card?

As long as your cell phone is a T-Mobile phone, you can use it with a T-Mobile prepaid SIM card. You can also use an unlocked phone with a T-Mobile prepaid SIM.References:T-Mobile: T-Mobile Prepaid... Read More »