Will my standard DVDs work on a Blu-Ray player?

Answer Yes they will. It can play both, Blu-Ray and Standard DVDs. However you can't play Blu-Ray discs in a standard DVD player. I'm not sure about the computer though. Hope this helps.

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Will a standard UK Blu Ray player play my UK & USA DVDs ?

You need a Bul-Ray player which says Multi-Region to play USA DVDs.Your UK ones will be fine.Most Blu-Rays are not multi-region. The normal big retailers tend not to sell multi-region

Will a blu ray player play standard DVDs?

Is there a such player that plays Blu-Ray, HD, and standard DVDs?

First all answers so far are wrong.ALL Blu-ray players play Blu-ray disks and DVDs (and they upscale the latter to pseudo HD). If by "HD" you mean HD-DVD there are at least 2 combo players that pl... Read More »

Can you play standard DVDs on a 3d blue-ray player?

Yes, for DVDs can be played on ANY Blu-Ray player thanks to the backwards compatibility feature